9 october 2018






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Who rules the UK do you think? Not the government, though you could be forgiven for thinking it was, and that's what they want you to think.

The UK is ruled by an 'Establishment' comprising self-selected members of the upper class who think that they have a supreme right to organise the way that the country's run, for their own benefit and their own benefit alone. They govern in secret and make every effort to conceal their existence. And all of them are male.

The Establishment, in turn, rules the Government.

In general, if the government is tory, the establishment is happy. A tory government is very open to manipulation by the Establishment.

The Establishment is terrified of the prospect of a Labour government. It instructs its puppets, the tories, to do everything they can to discredit Labour. If that includes fabrication, lies or dirty tricks, so what?

The Establishment considers itself not bound by the law, or by anything at all actually. Remember when Lord Lucan, who committed murder, was helped to escape, and avoid the Law, by his Establishment friends?

A Labour government, being inclined to act in the people's interest and look after the whole of the population in every way it can, is anathema to the Establishment. That would mean it loses privilege, status and MONEY.

It's noteworthy that most of the social change for the better happened immediately after two World Wars when the power of the Establishment, and other vested interests, was weakened. A coalition, and later a Labour, government was then relatively free to pursue its socialist aims - devise the NHS, improve education, votes for women, worker's rights, welfare for the disadvantaged etc.

But the people can vote out a tory government, can't they?

In theory, yes, but in practice the Establishment, aided by its puppets the tories and by their puppets the main-stream media, does all it can to make sure that a socialist government won't be elected. It spreads lies, smears and aims to discredit by whatever means it can. That's happening at the moment. In the background it works to ensure that the people are not properly educated (tuition fees, removal of bursaries, sabotage of the education system by constant changes and moving of goal posts etc.) and struggle to exist. A struggling population concentrates on survival and so is not a threat. Consequently the masses are otherwise occupied or not able to think for themselves and can then be bamboozled into believing that the tories (and hence the Establishment) are their friends.

The Establishment sees the people only as its servants who keep their country running for it. It views the poor and vulnerable as a drain on the country who contribute nothing and so are despised. This explains the inhumane and incompassionate treatment of the workers, and especially the poor, by the tories (destroy the NHS, bring in the cruel Universal Credit, remove worker's and even human rights, get rid of safety regulations etc.). The vast majority of the poor and vulnerable find themselves in this position through no fault of their own. It also explains the pitiful response by government to the Grenfell tragedy.

So what about the EU and Brexit?

The Establishment has done all it can, in the background of course because that is how the Establishment works, to bring about the Leave vote. Fairness, legality, truth, and the smallest of voting margins don't matter. Since when did the Establishment let those trifles disrupt its game plan?

The Brexit flames have been fanned by the Establishment because ANY form of Brexit at all, whatever it does to the country, and it will certainly produce chaos and disorder, will help it in its aim to dominate, for its own benefit. Chaos and disorder won't harm the Establishment as it will then be even more free to manipulate everything for its own ends. But it will certainly harm the country and US.

That's why the tories, under instructions from the Establishment, are willing to gamble with the future of OUR country at any cost. And that's why it will take a superhuman effort to stop it.