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6 Jan 18

Why don't people realise that if you privatise something, some of the money made (maybe a lot) is taken out as profit? That means there's less money for the main objective of the service. So privatising the NHS means less money is available to treat patients.

5 Jan 18

Tory Party membership is said to have fallen drastically in recent years and the party is thought to be only the fourth largest UK political party. The Conservative Party website says that "calculating a membership figure is difficult because the data is held by local party branches and there is not a central register." What a phoney excuse. If you believe that you'll believe anything.

3 Jan 18

On the Prime Minister’s general behaviour:

Ok Theresa May. Put down your script, forget all the lies, posturing and spin doctor output, open your closed mind, try to be yourself if you can remember what that was, and answer these simple questions.

"What pains you the most and what makes you feel most guilty about the following products of your nasty evil regime?

Are there any of these you're proud of?

What are you going to do to put it all right?

3 Jan 18

On the disgraceful treatment of Alan Turing:

Another, less serious, but related governmental disgrace: They would never acknowledge the work done on the theory, design and construction of the first computers carried out by our scientists and mathematicians during the war (official secret, pah) with the result that our contribution to the invention of computers has never been properly recognised.

3 Jan 18

On the appointment of eugenicist Toby Young:

It shows just how close we are, all the time, to losing everything that far better people have fought for. The wolves are constantly circling. They'll take any chance we give them to wreck everything. This is what happens when we take our eye off the ball. And when the weakest and most useless PM ever decides she has to try her hardest not to appear weak and useless, whatever the cost to us all . . .

31 Dec 17

The more extreme the actions of the tories are, and they're more extreme by the day, the more extra work will the next government have to do before they can even start to implement their manifesto. Call that efficient?

24 Dec 17

Why is the world suddenly so unstable and frightening? Because we've perfected the art of electing psychopaths, others with completely the wrong agenda, those with questionable values and no emotional intelligence, the generally incompetent, those with an exaggerated sense of their own worth and those unable to think critically and rationally. Then we let them run everything. What could possibly go wrong?

19 Dec 17

Theresa May has been warned about the deepening crisis in the Health Service.

No point warning Treason May about anything. She thinks her government's actions have no consequences and it's always someone else's fault.  She always does nothing, and if it's too scary she runs away and hides. Pathetically incompetent. Not long for her world, I'd say.

12 Dec 17

The BBC appears to be biased against Labour and the government, is rigging committee membership, sidelining Parliament and claiming powers to restrict the democratic process. We seem to be moving towards a dictatorship. At last, the extreme wing of the tory party, their backers and the 'establishment', have found a prime minister they can control. We're now experiencing the result.

12 Dec17

We agreed to live in a society and accept the cost and the restrictions so that we'd be safe and cared for. (The cost? Paying taxes, obeying the law, conforming to imposed norms and the rest.)  The benefits were well worth the cost. But this evil tory government has reneged on that agreement and has stopped looking after us. And we still have to pay the cost. BUT the moment we reneged, just a little bit, on our part of the bargain, out would come the water cannon and rubber bullets and prison would await.

11 Dec17

The tories are still able to do what they want and they hardly have a majority. The opposition's job is not simply to manoeuvre ready to try and win the next election. It's job is to prevent the worst excesses of the party in power. It's not doing that. So it either won't or can't. If the former, it needs to up its game. If the latter, there's something seriously wrong with our parliamentary system that needs putting right urgently.

5 Dec17

Incredible how the DUP, who we didn't vote for, has more say in how Brexit develops than we do.

5 Dec 17

(PM’s Brexit negotiations fail as DUP pull support.)  Is this the same Prime Minister, who once told the Queen that she could form a government only to find that it hadn't yet been agreed, telling the EU that she'd solved the Irish border problem, only to find out that she hadn't?

29 Nov 17

Brexit: When is someone going to stop this stupid exercise and realise that we already had the best of deals before the crazy wing of the tory party were let loose to tell all their lies?

25 Nov 17

Will Parliament make things better for tenants? If they had an ounce of humanity and compassion they would. If they had an ounce of common sense they would. If they understood that their job was to look after the welfare of ALL the people they represent they would. And all of that tells you what sort of people they REALLY are.

24 Nov 17

The bullying we see within the tory party, and towards those outside it too, reflects the attitudes of the tories themselves and these must be sanctioned from the very top. So why doesn't Treason May put a stop to it? She is the leader after all. We're forced to conclude that either she wants to but can't, underlining her inadequacies as leader, or that she agrees wholeheartedly with it. Either way, they're condemned.

23 Nov 17

The tories are so incompetent that they can’t even protect their own Brand from ridicule.

22 Nov 17

The tories have voted that animals have no feelings and feel no pain. Is anyone surprised? They’ve shown by their actions and policies that they think their fellow humans have no feelings and feel no pain so why should they think that animals are any different?