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25 Jan 18

On Theresa May:

We should be laughing at her. We should be ridiculing her incompetence. We should be remarking about how far out of her depth she is. We should be scorning her awkwardness with people. We should be sneering at her inability to understand the problems. We should be deriding the fact that she hasn't a clue that our problems have been deliberately brought about by her policies, nothing else. We should be holding her in contempt at every turn. If nothing else works, maybe she won't be able to live with being regarded as a complete laughing stock. It's good that she's trashing the tory brand, for many decades I hope, but not that she's wrecking the country and many people's lives in the process.

25 Jan 18

There's something seriously wrong with a system which allows a Prime Minister to think she's won an argument simply by making smart remarks (which, by the way, aren't smart at all) when what's really required is for her to solve the problem.

24 Jan 18

On Egypt criminalising atheists:

The sad, and in a peculiar way funny, thing about this is that they don't realise how stupid they appear to the world. We pity them and their lack of understanding. We look on in amazement that anyone can be so deluded. We just can't believe that such an irrational, cruel view of the world can still be held in this day and age. We feel a tiny bit sorry for them but not nearly so sorry as we feel for their people.

24 Jan 18

This evil government, in defence of its stand on Brexit, continually tells us that it's 'the will of the people'. Right, evil government, it's the will of the people that you protect and properly fund our NHS. Do it. It's the will of the people.

23 Jan 18

NHS demise. Incompetence or deliberate?

Both. Deliberate act of vandalism and incompetence at allowing it to be so obvious. And my MP writes that "The Government will not privatise the NHS". Now that's either a misunderstanding of the word 'privatise' or it's a misunderstanding of the word 'truth'.

20 Jan 18

On the tories and human rights:

I'm furious too. They have no concept of fairness, they don't know what rigorous argument and rigorous analysis is, and if their personal Human Rights were in peril they'd soon change their tune. They're worse than despicable. They're wrecking the country and, so far, getting away with it. For how much longer? Who'd have thought that we could regress so far in just a few years. Oh dear, I'm furious AGAIN . . .

17 Jan 18

The Tories are utterly useless. They can't even protect their own brand from ridicule. And if you asked any Party what it's main aim was, they'd have to say "To get re-elected." So if you only knew one thing about the tory Party, it's that it's even failing at what should be its prime aim. Just saying.

15 Jan 18

Esther McVey is someone who thinks Health and Safety Regulationss can be ignored and has been served with prohibition notices. She has fiddled her expenses. She is just the sort of undesirable tory that should be ashamed to show her face. But they're brazen and capable of the most unacceptable behaviour. That's tories for you. Nasty.

15 Jan 18

On Humanist UK  - catholic education secretary to axe cap on faith schools

Everything the tories do is the wrong thing. They have no understanding of the real world. If they had, they'd realise that religion is dangerous baloney and has no place in modern times. It was a fabrication designed to control the population and, of course, that's what attracts the tories. They're beneath contempt.

13 Jan 18

On Humanist UK number of hsopital bed lies

Not long ago, anyone caught lying to Parliament would lose their job. That should happen today. And when a government uses OUR money to buy itself a majority, that government should fall and that party should be made to pick up the bill. If there were any justice, the tory's attempt to take us back to the dark ages should also take us back to when these consequences were the norm.

12 Jan 18

We remember where we were when President Kennedy was assassinated. We know it happened. We've seen the pictures. We're still not certain who did it. And we have no idea why. We know a grassy knoll was involved, and a book depository. We've never heard of those before or since. Whoever concocted the plan has probably got away with it, except the mug who agreed to do the deed. If he actually did it . . .

On a completely separate topic, utterly unrelated you understand, not connected at all, I've been wondering if there's anything we could do about the current holder of the office . . . .  Hang on, I had it just then . . . . .  No it's gone. Don't worry it'll come back to me.

12 Jan 18

A friend pointed out that a sensible prerequisite for a Health Secretary should be that they and their family MUST use the NHS at all times. There are lots of other prerequisites for a Government:

Like voting, not abstaining, in the Commons on a motion critical of you.

Like not filling Committees with members of your own party.

Like representing your constituents, not over-riding their views.

Like the Foreign Secretary looking after the lives of citizens abroad, not endangering them.

Like telling the truth and not making up figures that are demonstrably wrong, especially and more recently on the NHS.

Like allowing Parliament,  not a small group of crazies in private, to decide on subjects of great national and long term importance, especially when you've said you wanted Parliament to take back control.

Like taking responsibility for the consequences of your own actions.

Like not actively pursuing policies that lead to the death of members of your population.

Like when it does, change your policies immediately, not double up on them.

Like not behaving as though you have a huge majority when you stupidly threw that away and now you have a wafer thin one which you've bought using huge quantities of OUR money.


8 Jan 18

On sexuality:

Just about everything in nature is not either one thing or the other. Everything exhibits a spectrum of properties and characteristics. So for example there's a range of colours, a range of textures, a range of species and a range of behaviours. It's an artificial construct to decide, arbitrarily, that human sexuality should be limited to only the statistical mode we call male and the other statistical mode we call female. It's scientifically wrong and societally perverse. To make a dreadful imposition intolerable, it's the height of cruelty to then punish and sideline those perfectly natural people who, through no fault of their own, don't conform to these arbitrarily chosen 'norms'. It also shows that those who impose and support them are, shall we say, intellectually challenged, uncompassionate, inhumane, lacking in basic understanding and evil. (Sounds a lot like tories, that.)

7 Jan 18

Why doesn't Labour promise that, when it is in power, it will reverse all the evil tory's regressive and antisocial policies, with no compensation? This ought to stop foreign parasitic companies buying into our society, not to help us but to milk us dry.

7 Jan 18

In the context of fox hunting, Theresa May has just said "As prime minister, my job isn’t just about what I think about something. It’s about what the view of the country is.” OK Theresa May. These are the views of the country:

By your own admission, your job is to deal with all of these.